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Organisation of climate work at ELY Centres

ELY-keskuksissa ilmastotyötä tehdään jokaisella alueella eri virkatehtävissä. Lähes jokaisessa ELY-keskuksessa on myös nimetty ilmastoasiantuntija. Lisäksi Pohjois-Pohjanmaan ELY-keskuksessa toimii keskitetty ilmastoyksikkö, joka hoitaa valtakunnallisesti ilmastonmuutokseen sopeutumisen sekä maankäyttösektorin kehittämis- ja koordinointitehtäviä.

Organisation of climate work at ELY Centres

At the ELY Centres, climate work is carried out in each region in different official duties. Almost every ELY Centre also has a designated climate expert. In addition, the ELY Centre for North Ostrobothnia has a central Climate Unit, which performs coordination and development tasks related to climate change adaptation and the land use sector nationally.

Multidisciplinary climate work with the regions

At the ELY Centres, climate work is carried out under multidisciplinary guidance, both as part of official duties and by climate experts.

The ELY Centres’ climate work consists of statutory tasks, the fulfilment of the agencies’ performance targets, climate cooperation in the regions and the agencies’ responsibility work. The work is carried out in a multidisciplinary way through different sets of tasks.

The ELY Centres’ climate work is compiled by the ELY climate expert network. The network is a means of passing on information between agencies, ministries and regional actors and further developing the work of the agencies. In addition, there is a climate group of steering bodies and strategy managers, which develops in particular cross-administrative climate work and performance planning.

The ELY Centres’ work is guided by the ministries and central agencies. The more detailed objectives of the work come from legislation, the strategy set out in the government programme and the performance agreements between the supervisors and the agencies.

Climate experts and officials from different sectors as the basis for the work

The ELY Centres employ climate experts, and climate action is also carried out on a daily basis in a wide range of official duties. This forms the basis for the whole climate work and also for the dialogue in regional and national levels and between sectors.

The Climate Unit of the ELY Centre for North Ostrobothnia in the tasks of the land use sector and adaptation

A national, multi-location climate unit was established at the ELY Centre for North Ostrobothnia at the beginning of 2023. The motives for the establishment of the unit come from the Climate Change Act, which entered into force in summer 2022, as well as Finland’s national climate policy planning system, which includes the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2030 and the Climate Plan for the Land Use Sector.

The unit coordinates, supports, monitors, promotes and reconciles the regional implementation of these plans.

The aim of the unit’s activities is to support the ELY Centres’ preconditions for implementing the objectives, plans and reviews concerning climate action in the land use sector and climate change adaptation and, in particular, to strengthen the preconditions for regional implementation of the national plans under the Climate Change Act, the development of related solutions and support for the climate and adaptation work of municipalities.